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The head quarter of Winalite International is located at Guangzhou, China. The main factory of the production for Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin in China too. Winalite China specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative healthcare products. Through its principal product, Love Moon Anion Sanitary Pads. Winalite China has already grown exponentially and received tremendous global recognition. Winalite International has more than 5 million  business partners globally. 

Winalite International in China has set up branches around the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Korea, Japan, Peru, Germany, India, Columbia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia etc.


Address of the Head Quarter of Winalite International in China;

Winalite China
Management Team Winalite China


Address: 23rd floor, 298 JiangWan Business Center, YanJiang Road, YueXiu region, Guangzhou, Canton, China
Tel: 020-66811888
Customer Hotline: 020-66811678

Email: overseaservice@winalite.com

公司地址: 中國廣東省廣州市越秀區沿江中路298號江灣商業中心23層
辦公電話: 020-66811888
客戶服務熱線: 020-66811678



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