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Italy, officially the Italian Republic (Italian: Repubblica italiana ), is a unitary parliamentary republic in south-central Europe. To the north it borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia along the Alps. To the south it consists of the entirety of the Italian Peninsula, Sicily, Sardinia–the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea–and many other smaller islands. The independent states of San Marino and the Vatican City are enclaves within Italy, whilst Campione d'Italia is an Italian exclave in Switzerland.


The territory of Italy covers some 301,338 km2 (116,347 sq mi) and is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. With 60.6 million inhabitants, it is the fifth most populous country in Europe, and the 23rd most populous in the world. Rome, the capital of Italy, was for centuries the political and religious centre of Western civilisation as the capital of the Roman Empire and site of the Holy See. After the decline of the Roman Empire, Italy endured numerous invasions by foreign peoples, from Germanic tribes such as the Lombards and Ostrogoths, to the Byzantines and later, the Normans, among others. Centuries later, Italy became the birthplace of Maritime republics and Renaissance,an immensely fruitful intellectual movement that would prove to be integral in shaping the subsequent course of European thought

Winalite Italy is branch of Winalite International based in Guangzhou, China. Winalite Italy is specializing in the distributing of health care products related to anion from Winalite International. The main product of Winalite Italy is Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin, Anion  released from Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins will effective suppresses the survival and multiplication of bacteria on the sanitary napkins. Winalite Italy is located at Roma, Italy.

Address of the branch of Winalite Italy;

Address:Via Giuseppe de Lleva 17-19 ,Roma, Italia
Tel:00390 6782 7834

Please contact our office in Italy regarding our Winalite products and healthy living concept in Italy. Winalite Italy is a Multi Level Marketing / Direct Sales / Network Marketing company in Italy, we are welcome you to join us as distributors to promote the health living concpet in Italy. Our professional distributors are ready to work with you to promote products in Italy. Feel free to call or drop by to Winalite Italy office in Roma.


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