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Winalite International is a global company based in Hong Kong and China, Winalite International / Winalite Global specializing in the developing and manufacturing of health care product with anion (negative ion) technology. The most popular product from Winalite International (Winalite Global) is Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin, a world distributed sanitary pads / sanitary napkins with negative ion / anion. This product has been distributed in 50 countries in Asia, South America, Middle Each, North America and Europe etc. Others product from Winalite Global including V-Shine Brightening Moisturizing Revitalizing Mask, Winalite Baby Diaper, Personal EMF Protection Shield, Crystal Moon Multi-purpose Cleaner, Winmask with Anion Layer, EnzoFX, FX3 Skin Care System, Winalite Bio-energy & Anion Pendant, Winalite V-Shine Glamorous Lipstick, WinGuard, WinCafe products including WinCafe Delight, WinCafe Refresh, WinCafe Vigor and WinCafe Vital.


Winalite International / Winalite Global has set up branches around the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Korea, Japan, Peru, Germany, India, Columbia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia etc.

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